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Hi all, My 6 months trial with Sirius xm was about to end in a couple of days.

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Things to keep in mind (although maybe things have changed in the last few years.).Managers are no different - except that they have more authority to help you if they want to.I called sirius to cancel my subscription and they said if I renew my trial subscription.

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My wife begged and pleaded for a 1-year subscription which I obliged.I called to cancel and every time they made me a better offer I tried to sound uncertain.I never got around to getting it installed and I forgot about it until I read this article.

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I get a reduced rate on cable TV and internet from TWC because I ask for it.I was checking my online bank account and saw the pending charge for the full.It is CD quality, much better than grooveshark and an audio cable.SiriusXM discounts can be confusing to figure out. Every renewal has been an emotionally frustrating experience.

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Renewal Specials and Subscription Deals - SiriusXM Radio. Sirius XM Deals, How to Get the Best Ones - Jeff Mould.It includes time, money, convenience, and many other factors.

I should be more aggressive the next time I renew to try to get my monthly cost down even more.In Canada, Xmradio.ca is ranked 12,180, with an estimated 25,826 monthly visitors a month.Why Sirius XM Is About to Cut a Deal With Your Car Insurance Company.

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Follow these simple steps to transfer, change or cancel your SiriusXM.

Just last week they activated a free three-month trial of radio on that car.I had the same situation.I called and said that my old radio would not work in my new car.Finally they told him they were just going to turn it on for 3 months for free.

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Air Canada agreed to renew their widebody. 767-300ER aircraft to Air Canada Rouge.I have always had a stiletto radio device, but now I want to have the service in my regular radio, but Sirius says no.

The only thing that prevents a satellite radio receiver from receiving service is if it knows your subscription has lapsed.I think they kept the very worst people from both companies and made some shitty Frankenstein company.

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Our auto moderator function will automatically remove much of this.After waiting those 2 months turn it on and it will work forever and you will never receive a bill.I never understood why someone would call and threaten to cancel.

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The original 100% commercial-free music Satellite Radio Service and official home of the NFL, Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and NASCAR.

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I thought it was meant for someone else, and got included in my shipment.

However after a while I got tired of calling and going through the automation and entering the numbers again and again.

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Contact us Now at SiriusXM Chat, Customer Care: Sirius Account: 1-888-539-7474, XM Account: 1-877-438-9677 or E-mail.

Yes, it works, and people accidentally discover it all the time.Sirius Satellite Radio forum with discussion topics such as stocks, merger, installation, hardware, Howard Stern,.

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Automatic renewal allows us to ensure your service is never interrupted.

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Otherwise you will be automatically billed at the much higher rate.My wife and I travel a fair amount, and constantly switching from station to station every hour on the road is annoying.

I feel like they will start requiring cards like the monthly. (Although I have made the monthly work without a card some of the time).

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